How To Store Firewood To Avoid Termites?

Storing your firewood correctly is one of the most important aspects of using firewood. Termites are one of the biggest enemies of firewood, let’s take a look at how you can avoid them while storing your firewood.

Whenever you are storing firewood, always keep in mind to provide enough wind and protect it from any direct water contact. Keep the stack away from any walls, and above the ground to cut off termite contact. Store the firewood at least 15-20 ft away from your house and do not treat with the wood with any chemicals.

avoiding termite infestation while storing firewood

How To Correctly Store Firewood To Avoid Termites?

It can be quite hard to completely avoid termites as firewood form the perfect environment for their growth. You have to be extra careful to ensure that the firewood receives plenty of sunlight and ventilation and that it is covered and protected from rain and snow.

If the firewood gets wet, then the chances of termites infesting it increase greatly. Always store the firewood at least 10-15ft away from your house so that in case termites attack the wood stack, they don’t spread over to your house.

Stack the firewood at an elevated area and make sure there is at least a 6-8 inch cap above the ground. This is one of the most important aspects of avoiding termites as most of the time, they attack the firewood through the ground. Raising the firewood will also protect it from any moisture contact through the ground.

You can also cover the stack with a tarp if you live in an area where it might rain regularly. Keeping the stack dry will keep away the termites and insects.

If you can build a barn or a wood rack, it can be the perfect place to store your firewood. They provide the perfect platform which can protect your firewood both from the insects from the ground and the elements from above.

If you are storing the firewood inside your house, or inside a garage make sure that it is away from any walls and other structures which are made up of wood. Also do not spray pesticides directly on the firewood as they can be dangerous when you actually have to use it for burning.

If you can, split the firewood into smaller pieces as termites usually prefer the unsplit large logs with bark. These pieces provide the damp and dark places which termites are looking for.

How Can You Tell If Termites Are Infesting The Firewood?

Before stressing about what to do with termites, you should know how to recognize them in the first place.

There are a few signs that you can look for which might indicate a termite infestation. Check the log pieces for thin long tunnels typically lined with mud. You will see these tunnels all over the firewood. If the tunnels are smooth, then it might be a sign of other insects such as carpenter ants.

If you are able to see the termites, they should be creamy or white in color, sometimes they can also be light brown with two sets of wings.

What to Do With Firewood Which Has Been Infested With Termites?

If your firewood has already been infested with termites, you can either get rid of them by contacting your local garbage disposal or burn them outside in a bonfire.

Throwing away the firewood may not be the ideal option, but it is much better than the termites infesting the rest of your house.

Can You Burn Firewood with Termite Infestation?

Termites will die off when exposed to fire, but it is not recommended that you do so. Although a small number of termites is okay, storing firewood with termites on it will make them spread to the rest of the logs. Even if you keep the infested stack away from the healthy one, termites can travel long distances in order to find healthy wood.

It is recommended that you get rid of the termite-infested firewood as soon as possible.

Does Storing Firewood Inside Protect Them from Termites and Pests?

If you are thinking that storing firewood inside will protect it from pests and termites, the reality is not so simple. Storing the firewood inside will protect it from insects and pests from outside, but you also need to keep in mind that every house already has pests present, although it is the degree of infestation which suggests a problem.

To protect the firewood from any existing pests, make sure to store them away from any walls and windows and leave a 4–6-inch gap between the floor and the firewood.

Make sure the room you are keeping the firewood in, such as a garage, is not very dark or damp as this creates the perfect environment for pests, insects, and termites to thrive.

More on if you should store firewood inside a garage in this article.


Store the firewood in a stack away from any walls and the floor if you are storing it inside, otherwise at least 15-20 ft from the house. Protect the firewood from any moisture and provide enough sunlight and ventilation. Do not spray any insecticide on the firewood as it can cause health issues and a bad quality fire.

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