Can You Burn Stained Wood?

Stained wood can be found almost everywhere, each year millions of home owners use it for increasing the durability and aesthetic quality of the wood being used in their houses. But a lot of people also end up burning this stained wood once there is no other use for it. Let’s take a look at whether you should burn stained wood or what to do with it?

You should never burn stained wood as they have been treated with dangerous chemicals which can cause long term and short term health damage as well as soil and air pollution. It can also damage your fireplace.

burning stained wood

What Is Stained Wood?

Stained wood is a type of colour which is used to enhance the look and feel of regular wood to make it more durable and aesthetic for home uses. The stain or paint usually has chemicals dissolved in it to protect the wood from pests, weather, moisture, fire etc.

Can You Burn Stained Wood?

You should never burn stained wood. Burning stained wood releases a lot of dangerous and harmful chemicals and fumes into the atmosphere which not only pollute the surroundings but it can also harm your health.

What Are The Health Effects Of Burning Stained Wood?

Some of the emissions released from burning stained wood are the same that come out of cigarette smoke and car exhaust. They can have terrible effects on your health including headaches, nausea, joint pain, fatigue, dizziness, memory loss and even increased cancer chances.

Its effects are even more severe for children. These fumes can also cause kidney failures, liver damage, asthma and damage to the nervous system.

Is Burning Stained Wood Legal?

Some states expressly put a ban on open burning of hazardous substances in which stained wood is included.

In the state of Michigan, similarly to buring painted wood, the law states that chemically stained wood comes under the category of chemically treated wood and is not allowed to be burnt in open spaces.

The State of Wisconsin also does not allow the open burning of treated wood of which stained wood is a part of.

The state of Montana is also pretty similar. They state that, “the following materials may not be disposed of by open burning… stained wood”.

How to Dispose of Stained Wood?

You should never burn your stained wood to get rid of it. Don’t directly put it into the trash either. You should first separate out the stained wood and keep in a clearly marked bag or under a tarp. Don’t leave it near your plans or flowers, the chemicals can seep into the soil as well.

Contact your nearest garbage disposal service and coordinate with them about getting rid of the stained wood. They should be able to either or you will have to deliver the wood to them.

You can also sell it sometimes to businesses or people who might have further use of them.


Burning stained wood can not only damage your fireplace but can also cause both short- and long-term health damage. The treated chemicals can also lead to soil and air pollution.

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