How Much Does It Cost to Hire A Stump Grinder?

If you wish to get rid of the leftover stump from your property, one of the most efficient and effective methods is stump grinding. You can also use the leftover grindings as mulch or composts. But how much will the stump grinding service cost you? Let’s find out.

Stump grinding costs highly depend on the size of the stump you are dealing with. The average price of stump grinding can range between $150-$450, with each extra stump costing between $65-$120. These numbers can go up if the terrain of your property is hard to work on or if there is a lot of pre-and post-work which needs to be done.

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What Factors determine the stump grinding cost?

Some of the factors which determine the cost of stump grindings include the size of the stump, the location in which it is located, the number of stumps you need to grind, if there are any obstructions or debris in the way of grindings, the post-cleanup process and if there is any other service which you need to include.

Let’s take a look at how these factors can affect the stump grinding costs and what price you can expect throughout the country.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire A Stump Grinding Service?

On average, homeowners end up paying between $150-450 for stump grinding with the low extreme ranging around $100 and the high end being around $500-700.

As an example, these are prices offered by Devos Tree Care as shown in this table. Although these can vary from one service to another and also on the area, it can give you an idea of the grinding costs.

Stump SizePrice
11” or less$190-$250

Cost of Stump Grinding According to Size

The biggest factor for determining the cost of stump removal will be its diameter. The price of stump grinding can range between $2-$5 per inch of the stump’s diameter. But keep in mind that if you are dealing with a smaller stump, most services have a minimum rate of $75-125 to cover their transportation and labor costs.

Always measure the stump from its widest point to get a better idea of the maximum cost you can expect.

Number of Stumps

Most professional services will not linearly add up the stump grinding costs. Once the cost of the first stump has been calculated, they will add a nominal rate of $65-$120 per extra stump. Of course, this can change if one of the stumps is especially large.

Some services also charge on an hourly basis, in this case, you don’t have to necessarily pay extra for each stump. If the team manages to grind 4 stumps in 2 hours, then you will only pay for the 2 hours. The hourly rates usually are around $150.

Tree Species

Some tree species are especially harder to grind which can drive up the grinding cost for you. For example, hardwoods like elm or hickory are much denser compared to palm tree stumps.

While some professionals have a flat charge per inch of the stump, some services can change this depending on the species they are dealing with.

Post Cleanup

If you want the professional service to take off the post grinding process of cleanup as well, it can end up costing you $2-4 per inch of the stump for debris removal.

The Terrain

If your stump grinding service is not charging by the hour, chances are that they will increase their price if your area is hard to access, hilly or hard to work upon. It is a good negotiation tactic to confirm the prices beforehand especially if you know that your backyard or property will be hard to work upon.

Time of the Year

If you hire a stump grinding service during the off-season, you can get 30-40% discounts on grinding costs because of lack of demand.


The average stump grinding costs range between $150-$450, with each extra stump ranging from $65-$120. The cost of stump grinding can depend on factors such as its size, wood quality, terrain, the number of stumps, and the time it will take for the service to get it done.

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