How to Dry Wet Firewood?

There is nothing worse than your seasoned firewood getting wet in the rain. It also raises concerns about whether the firewood is ruined or not. Let’s take a look at how you can dry wet firewood and whether your firewood is still usable or not.

If your seasoned firewood has gotten wet in the rain, you can dry it using the same seasoning method you had used for seasoning it. Show as much sunlight as you can to the firewood. If the moisture contact has been prolonged, then it might take a longer time for them to fully dry.

drying firewood that has been in contact with water

Will Firewood Get Ruined If It Gets Wet?

The answer to this question depends on factors such as the amount of moisture that has been absorbed by the wood and the weather conditions in your area.

If your firewood has only gotten wet by a light rain shower, then the water must have not gone deep into the wood. This won’t take very long for the firewood to completely evaporate and you can get completely seasoned firewood within a couple of weeks. This amount of moisture won’t really affect the quality of the firewood and you shouldn’t worry too much.

How To Dry Wet Firewood?

The best way to dry up wet firewood is by stacking them in a similar manner as you would while seasoning them.

If after contact with water you decide to bring the exposed logs indoors, you can leave the fan or the de-humidifier on in the room to increase airflow and lower the humidity.

Can You Dry Wet Firewood Use a Fan?

Yes, you can! But it cannot be the only source of airflow for the firewood, it should receive as much sunlight as possible. Having a fan on can speed up the process. Some people also choose to use a blow-dryer, but this isn’t necessary.

Can You Cook With Wet Firewood?

It is not recommended that you cook or build a fire with wet, green, or not properly seasoned firewood. The fire produced through wet firewood does not burn as hot and does not last for as long. Wet firewood can also release a lot of smoke clogging your chimney with creosote faster.

There are basic rules to follow when choosing what you should or should not burn in campfires, fireplaces, or log burners.

Will Wet Firewood Rot Quicker?

Yes, wet firewood can attract a lot of pests, insects, mold, fungus, and even termites. Any of these factors can accelerate the rotting process of firewood. This is why it is important to properly dry and season firewood before using or bringing it indoors.


You can dry wet firewood by stacking them in a criss-cross pattern similar to seasoning firewood. Make sure the room is well ventilated to ensure the moisture is not getting trapped. It is a general rule to leave about a 6” gap between the ground and the first firewood.
Lightly wet seasoned firewood can dry up within a couple of weeks and if the moisture contact is more severe then it will take longer.

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