Kolkwitzia Amabilis: Everything About The Beauty Bush

Beauty bush against granite stone

A very supple, almost weeping habit gives the kolkwitzia all its elegance. This graceful shrub is essential for romantic settings, thanks to its white and pink tones. It is however discreet outside its flowering period.

In this article, I have gathered for you all the information about the beauty bush, its main characteristics, and what you need to know to plant and grow it.

Characteristics of the Kolkwitzia Amabilis

Scientific nameKolkwitzia amabilis
Rusticity-15°C (-59°F)
ExposureLight shade
USDA Plant Hardiness Zone:4 to 8

The kolkwitzia is a medium fast-growing shrub, 2 to 3 m high and as wide, bushy, with upright branches and drooping at their tips. It gives numerous small bell-shaped flowers, pink with yellow throat, gathered in small axillary clusters along the stems. They appear on the wood of the previous year.

How to grow a beauty bush plant

This undemanding species requires very little care. A fresh and rich soil is perfect and even limestone suits it.

It has no known parasites or diseases.

Prune after flowering to remove the dead wood and the oldest branches, and reduce the others by half.

How to grow kolkwitzia amabilis in pots

You can start growing in a pot with a small plant, as the kolkwitzia grows very well.

Re-pot every year as the plant grows, and it will eventually thrive in a 30 to 40 cm diameter pot. A simple horticultural potting soil is suitable, but it is preferable to give it some consistency by incorporating 1/4 of garden soil, which will allow it to better conserve moisture. This is the only requirement of the kolkwitzia: to be watered regularly and kept in fresh soil.

Brighten up its base

After flowering, the base of the shrub grown in a pot or in a large window box can be brightened up by planting summer flowering annuals, which will help to “wake it up”. Verbenahybrids, surfinias, impatiens or fuchsias offer a large number of colors and variations. hybrids, surfinias, impatiens or fuchsias offer a large number of colors and variations.

Where to plant a beauty bush

Reserve a place for it in the beds, because it is beautiful only one month of the year. The rest of the time, it contributes to the structure of the planted areas of the garden. It is then perfect in the background of flowering scenes of perennials and annuals.

Our selection

Branches of kolkwitzia amabilis with pale pink blossom on a sky blue background

The choice is limited because, besides the type, there is only one variety in the market:


Kolkwitzia Amabilis is truly a gem in the garden world. With its gorgeous blooms, attractive foliage and easy-to-grow nature, it’s a must-have for any garden enthusiast. Plus, with its unique trumpet-shaped flowers, it’s sure to turn heads and bring a smile to anyone who sets their eyes on it.

If you’re looking to add a touch of beauty and charm to your garden, the beauty bush is the way to go. Happy gardening!

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