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I have spent a better part of my young life working outdoors. One thing I know for sure is that a good piece of equipment and suitable products can make or break your motivation to work on something in your backyard.

I hope this page will save you some time picking the right products in addition to your own arsenal of tools.

The links found on this page are affiliate links to Amazon or other third-party platforms that offer a commission on qualified purchases at no extra cost for you. All opinions remain my own.


1 . Tordon RTU

Tordon RTU is one of the best herbicides to control unwanted woody plants by cut-surface treatments in non-cop areas. Because of its spreading nature, It is not recommended to use it near wanted plants if there is a chance that the roots of the wanted and unwanted plants are intertwined.

2. Roundup Poison Ivy Plus Brush Killer

Roundup poison ivy plus brush killer is an excellent product to kill smaller trees and shrubs by foliar spray technique. Undiluted, It can be used as an alternative to Tordon via cut-surface treatments near wanted plants as it dissolves faster inside the soil.

3. Triclopyr 4

Triclopyr is another great herbicide designed to kill woody plants. It is designed for basal bark treatment, but can also be used to kill smaller trees via for foliar spray technique. It is way stronger than the previously mentioned Roundup and will stay active in the soil for longer.

4. Ortho Ground Clear Poison Ivy

If for some reason you do not like Roundup, here is a great alternative to use. It has 4x higher triclopyr content which means it is more suitable for broad-leaf, woody plants and does not affect the grass as much.

Firewood Processing Tools

Echo Chainsaw

That’s a nice little bugger to cut smaller trees around the house or cut some branches here and there. I’ve owned one for three or four years I believe and I’ve never run into any problems. For this price, it’s an exceptional little chainsaw for smaller jobs, I just love how light it is. However, for firewood processing, it’s way too small.

Fiskars super splitting ax

Even though many people do not classify it as a maul, I find it really good for splitting firewood. In fact, we have been using various models of Fiskars ax for more than a decade now. We have lost a few here and there but never run into any problems of breaking one of these.

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