How to remove a Palm Tree stump?

Palm trees add a very tropical look to any place, but sometimes they just have to be removed. There are a lot of different methods out there you can use to remove a Palm stump and very few places will tell you how to go about it exactly.

You can remove a Palm tree stump using a variety of methods:

  • Digging the stump out of the ground
  • Burning the stump
  • Grinding it down
  • Rotting it with chemicals
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How to Remove A Palm Tree Stump?

Some of the most widely used methods for removing a Palm tree stump are:

Removing the Stump by Hand

This method requires some hard work, but it will get the job done instantly.

You will only need a shovel for this method.

  1. Dig around the Palm stump, around 2-12 inches away and make a trench about a foot deep.
  2. Once this is done, use a shovel to dig underneath the root ball.
  3. Use an axe or a chainsaw to cut any roots or obstructions around the area.
  4. Use a level motion to uproot the entire stump.
  5. If the stump is large, you might need another person’s help or a tractor to uproot it.

Burning the Stump

The steps for burning the stump are simple.

Just douse the stump with kerosene or diesel and let the stump fully absorb it. Then light the stump on fire and you are good to go. Make sure there is no wind when you light it on fire, wind can carry embers long distances.

You should keep an eye on the entire burning process until the tree stump is fully burned.

Even though the steps for this process are simple, there are some very important factors which you will need to keep in mind.

The first factor is the potential danger to your property, if your house is near the stump, and especially if it is constructed from wood, any fires in its vicinity can be a potential danger. Similarly, it can also potentially cause wildfires which can get out of hand very quickly.

Some regions also have local laws which prohibit any trees from being intentionally lit on fire. Make sure you check with the authorities before starting a fire.

Similarly, some homeowner’s associations also prohibit any fire as the neighbors can also be in danger

In this video, you will see a slightly safer method used for burning tree stumps.

Using Stump Grinders

Using a stump grinder is one of the easiest methods of removing a Palm stump effectively. All you will need for this method is a chainsaw, shovel, stump grinder, and protective equipment like gloves, eye protection, etc.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to buy a stump grinder, usually, you can simply rent one for a day from a nearby hardware store.

Before you use the stump grinder, make sure there are no stones or sticks around it, anything that might obstruct the blades of the grinder. You can use a shovel to remove any debris.

After this, using a chainsaw, cut the Palm stump to as low as possible. This will not only speed up the grinding process, but the grinder can also only reach to a certain height.

  1. Make sure to read the instruction manual of your respective grinder as different models and companies can have slightly different techniques.
  2. Pull the break of the stump grinder (with some models you will have to press a lever as well)
  3. While starting out, move the grinder over the stump slowly. This will help you understand how it works. You should move the grinder in one direction only.
  4. Once the top layer is chipped off, lower the level of the grinder to remove the roots ball as well.
  5. Pull the break when done.
  6. Cover the area of the stump with soil, woods chips or compost.

In the video below you will see a basic technique how to use a stump ginder

Rotting the Stump Using Chemicals

Although Palm Stumps are not dense and can rot on their own, it can take a really long time for them to rot completely. Using chemicals will help make the process much faster.

Some of the best chemicals which you can use here are Spectracide HG-66420 stump remover, Bonide BND272 Stump remover, and Gro More Stump Remover.

You can use the Chemical Injection method or cut surface treatment here.

  1. Be careful while handling these chemicals and strictly follow the manufacturers instructions
  2. Either drill 2-3-inch-deep holes into the Palm Stump or make deep gashes using an axe.
  3. Pour or drip the chemicals into these holes/gashes and let the tree completely absorb them.

Rotting the Stump Naturally

Although Palm tree stumps can take a long time to decay on their own, you can speed up this process by a lot.

  1. Cover the stump with a natural sources of nitrogen like chicken manure, coffee grounds, bone meal and grass clippings.
  2. Spread one layer of any one or more of these substances and wait for a couple of months before the results will slowly start to appear.
  3. Within a cople of years, most of the stump should be rotted down. You can remove the original layer and spread a new one in its place.

Keep in mind that this process is not the fastest, but it is much more environmentally friendly than some of the others on this list.

Some Tips for Removing Palm Stumps

Make sure to keep in mind these factors before removing your Palm tree stumps.

Wear protective gear while removing the stump. Flying wood chips, fire, and chemicals used are hazardous

Make sure to check with your local authorities and associations whether you can burn or remove the stump from your property.

As an operator of a stump grinder follow all the safety precautions at all times.

Do You Need to Call A Professional to Remove the Stump?

Removing a Palm tree stump is not very tricky, and you can probably get it done by yourself. Just follow any of the methods outlined above and you are good to go.

If you are dealing with multiple tree stumps, then calling a professional stump grinding company is easier for obvious reasons. They will also take care of the logistical issues and recycle wood chips if necessary.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Stump Removed?

Depending on the size of the stump and the access to the stump, it can cost between 75 to 450 dollars to get the stump ground by a service provider.
For example, getting rid of a 10-inch tree stump with good access will set you back around 80 bucks.
On the other hand, a 40 inch Palm tree stump with moderate access will cost you around 300 dollars.

How Much Does it Cost To Rent a Stump Grinder?

The price to rent a stump grinder varies slightly depending on the size of the grinder as well as the location you going to rent. For example, to rent a 14hp stump grinder for one day in the state of California, LA would cost you 158 dollars according to

Why Should You Remove A Palm Tree Stump?

There are a lot of reasons why you should remove a Palm tree stump from your yard.

The most important reason would be that leftover tree stumps provide a nesting spot for pests and other unwanted insects.
They can spread to other trees and plants and even to your house. Removing the stump will remove any infestations if present.

Furthermore, removing the stump will clear off a lot of area for other plants, flowers, and even trees to grow.

Frequently asked questions

How to kill a Palm tree?

There are a number of techniques you can use to kill a palm tree. For example Girdling, chemical injection, cut surface treatment, and basal bark treatment.

Can you use Roundup to kill a palm tree?

Roundup is a very effective herbicide to kill trees in Arecacae family. It can be directly applied to the foliage of a small palm tree. In the case of mature trees, it has to be delivered directly into the cambium layer of the Palm.


Palm Tree stumps can be removed either by digging it out of the ground using a shovel or rotting it using chemicals or natural manures. Alternatively, you can also burn the stump completely, or use a stump grinder to grind it down.

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