Storing Firewood Next To The House

Have you ever wondered what is the correct way of storing your firewood near your house? Storing the firewood incorrectly can not only affect the quality of your fire, but it can also pose a risk to your health and your property as well. Let’s take a look at how you should correctly store firewood near your house.

Always make sure to store the firewood at least 15-20ft away from the house to avoid termite, fungal, and insect infestation. Store them in a stack in an elevated area, at least 4-6 inches above the ground. Choose an area where there is plenty of air flow and sunlight.

firewood storage near or by a house

Tips For Storing Firewood Near Your House

Keep Firewood Away

One mistake that a lot of people make while storing firewood is that they keep the stack too close to their house. There are multiple reasons why you shouldn’t do this.

First of all, firewood can have pest, insect, or mold infestation which can spread to the rest of your house fairly quickly.

Because of this, you should always store your firewood at least 10-20 feet away from your house or any other property.

Stack Them Correctly

Stacking your firewood correctly is very important to ensure longevity and optimal firewood quality. Always stack your firewood in a criss-cross pattern while not making the stack more than 1-3 logs thick. This will ensure that each and every log piece is getting enough ventilation.

Although some people use slightly different techniques while stacking firewood, this is one of the most common methods.

Keep a minimum gap of at least 6 inches between the floor or the ground and the firewood. This is done to prevent moisture contact from the ground and protection from insects.

Finding the Right Location

Stacking your firewood in the right location is very important. If there is an elevated area on your property, it would be perfect for storing firewood. This is because if it rains, the water won’t collect near the firewood.

If you can, build or buy a wood rack to store the firewood as they can not only protect logs from rain or moisture but also create enough space between the ground and the logs.

Make sure the area is not covered by trees and there is direct sunlight access to the firewood or the area around it.

Should You Store Firewood Adjacent to Your House?

No, you should never store firewood adjacent to or touching your house. One of the biggest issues you will face is if the firewood is infested with pests, insects, fungus, or mold. Any of them can easily transfer to your house and start spreading. It can also happen the other way around.

Another issue is lack of sunlight, if you are storing firewood right next to the house, then the sunlight will be covered for a large part of the day.

How To Store Firewood To Avoid Termites And Mould?

Termites and mold thrive in wood which is moist and kept in a dark area. The best way to avoid a termite infestation is by splitting the firewood in the early stages of processing it. Besides that, make sure the firewood is receiving plenty of light, and airflow and is not in direct contact with water on a continuous basis.


Store firewood 15-20ft away from the house to avoid termites and mold and put them in a stack. Choose a location where there is plenty of sunlight and wind. Store the firewood at least 4-6 inches above the ground to avoid moisture contact, if possible, keep the stack in an elevated area. Cover the top of the stack with a tarp or any roofing material if you live in a rainy region.

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