Can I Burn Cardboard In My Fireplace?

Cardboard seems like the perfect material to start a fire with or to burn when you don’t have firewood. But there is something which you need to take care of otherwise you can end up damaging your fireplace or your health. Let’s take a look at what should you do.

Burning cardboard in your fireplace should always be refrained from. Leftover cardboard pieces can contain harmful chemicals or plastics if they have been painted over, laminated, or treated in other ways. These chemicals are released when the cardboard burns which can cause health damage and even ruin the internals of the fireplace.

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Can I Burn Cardboard in My Fireplace?

Although it can be very tempting to burn leftover cardboard from packaging or pizza boxes, you should never burn them in your fireplace. This is because most cardboards are treated with chemicals, covered with plastic, or painted to increase their durability and aesthetic value.

When these chemicals start burning, they can release a lot of dangerous and harmful substances and fumes which can cause long terms and short-term health damage, especially to children.

Although cardboards burn very quickly and be a good kindling because of their thin and dry nature, their smoke will end up smelling foul. In short, it should never be used to light a fire or a substitute for firewood

Can you Burn Amazon Packaging In The Fireplace?

No! you should never burn amazon packing leftovers including cardboard in your fireplace. This is again due to the chemicals which are used while making those packages. The fire is not only short but also doesn’t generate a lot of heat either on top of the harmful substances which might be released.

What Are The Health Hazards of Burning Cardboard?

The fumes of burning cardboard can cause dizziness, headaches, fatigue, stomach pain, nausea, and even increase the chances of cancer. These effects will be even worse on children.

Can You Burn Cardboard Outside?

Although you should never burn cardboard inside, it can be done outside although it is not recommended at all. The smoke will not only cause a lot of air pollution, but it will also seep into the soil and contaminate it with chemicals and plastics.

Cardboard should only be burnt outside as the last resort.

How Can You Get Rid of Cardboard?

Instead of burning cardboard, you can also sell it to scrap companies who can have further use for it. You can also contact your local garbage disposal service or the landfill and arrange for it to be picked up.

Cardboard can also be very flammable so you should not have a lot of it lying around the house. Try to get rid of it as soon as you can.


Burning cardboard boxes or packaging materials can damage the internals of your fireplace and even cause health damage. This is because most cardboard has been treated with dangerous chemicals either during lamination or printing. These chemicals are then released as particles or fumes when they burn.

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