How Much Will Tree Removal Cost? (2022 Guide)

Removing unwanted or damaged trees can be a very intimidating task, especially if you have no prior experience. Hiring a professional tree removal service can take care of most of the tasks for you. But at the same time, it can also end up costing you a lot. Let’s take a look at much will tree removal end up costing you.

Tree removal costs can depend on a lot of factors such as the size of the tree, the species, thickness, and the condition of the tree. Small tree removal can cost anywhere from $150 to $500. For larger trees, this can range from $300 to $2000.

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how much does it cost to get a tree removed

What Factors Determine the Cost of Tree Removal?

To find the exact tree removal cost for your tree, you will have to consult a professional service to get a specific quote. But you can find out the price range of your tree removal by keeping in mind some factors that affect the removal cost.

The size of the tree is one of the biggest factors which determines the price, the bigger and wider the tree is, the higher the removal cost will be.

The species of the tree can also affect the price. For example, Oak trees tend to be smaller when compared to pine so the removal cost tends to be lower as well. On the other hand, Italian Cypress can grow really tall but they tend to have a thinner trunk and shallower root system which brings down its removal cost.

The other factor which can determine the price is the physical obstacles around the tree. For example, if some branches of your tree go over your house, they will have to be lowered using a rope which adds some complexities to the removal process. This will increase the removal cost.

Stump removal can also increase the price. Most services don’t include stump removal in their price which can further drive up the price if you need to remove the tree completely.

The state of the tree also affects the price. If the tree is dry and dead, then removing it will be much easier which lowers the removal cost.

Depending on the location of the tree, If necessary, traffic control and crane rental will also increase the removal cost. Trees that grow near a public road usually demand some level of traffic control during the removal process. The removal company will have to get permission and extra equipment to carry out the process safely.

When Should You Hire A Tree Removal Service?

If you have to remove a small plant or a really small tree, less than 10 feet tall then you can probably get it done yourself with some help. But even with small trees, if they are next to a hose property, then you might need to hire a professional service to get it done properly.

With larger trees, it is always recommended to hire a professional service. They can remove the tree safely and efficiently.

Small Tree Removal Cost

The exact cost for small tree removal will depend on the specific situation of your tree like the factors which I discussed above, but you can expect a range within the work will likely be done.

For trees up to 25 feet tall, the removal cost can range anywhere between $150 to $500. For example, the average removal cost for a Palm tree is between $200 to $500. Similarly, you can expect to pay around $400 for removing Italian Cypress.

Of course, these rates can vary depending on the area the tree is located in, the size of the tree, and the condition of the tree as well.

Large Tree Removal Cost

A tree that is between 25 to 75ft tall, removal can set you back between $300 to $1000. And trees that are even bigger than this can easily reach $1500 and above.

If you have to remove a really big tree, a lot of times it will require the professionals to climb up and cut down the tree piece by piece to make the process safer. This will not only take a lot of effort but also extra equipment. There is also a risk involved which contributes to the inflated costs.

Fallen Tree Removal Cost

Removing a fallen tree will cost you significantly less when compared to a live tree. But still, there can be a lot of safety issues while removing a fallen tree.

For a fallen tree you can expect the removal cost to be between $75 to $150.

Tree Branch Removal Cost

Sometimes you might only need some branches to be removed from a tree. They might be interfering with power lines or the roof of your house. Removing branches can be significantly cheaper when compared to removing entire trees.

In the case of power lines, you can also contact your utility company and they might do it for free but in case you need to hire a professional, you can expect an hourly rate between $200-$300.

Does Stump Removal Cost Extra?

Usually, tree removal services don’t include stump removal into their costs, although this can definitely differ from company to company.

The stump removal costs can vary based on how the service charges you for it. Some services have a minimum price of $100 while some charge based on the diameter of the stump which can range from $2-$5 per inch.

If you have to remove a large number of stumps, services can either charge you by each piece of the stump, usually starting from $100 and $30-$50 per additional stump. Or they can charge you based on the time, ranging from $100-$150 per hour.

Crane Assisted Tree Removal Cost

Sometimes removing a tree might require the assistance of a crane. Crane rentals can be expensive, and it increases your removal cost quite sharply. The usual rates for a crane rental range from $175-$225 per day so add that on top of the removal cost.

Emergency Tree Removal Cost

If you need to get rid of a tree urgently, then like any other emergency service which can show up quickly and get a job done in a shorter amount of time will come with a premium price. Urgent tree removal can double or triple the price of normal tree removal.

You can expect the cost of removing a large tree to exceed $2,500.

Pine Tree Removal Cost

Pine trees usually grow up to a height of 40-60 feet with some really tall varieties reaching a height of 80 feet. You can expect the removal cost between $500 to $1200 but if your Pine tree is one of the really tall ones, the cost can reach up to $1500.

Cost to Remove Large Oak Tree

Oak trees are large and strong and therefore removal costs can be higher when compared to other species. It is not uncommon for Oak trees to grow taller than 70feet.

The average cost for oak tree removal can start from $800 and can go as high as $2000.

Cedar and Poplar Tree Removal Cost

Cedar and Poplar can grow to gigantic proportions, easily growing to more than 100 feet tall. This sharply increases the removal cost as well. You can expect anywhere between $1000 to $2000 for removing a really large Cedar or Poplar.

How to Save The Cost of Tree Removal Service?

There are multiple ways through which you can save up on the tree removal cost.

The first thing which you can do is to do some cleanup yourself before hiring a contractor, try to clear the ground of any debris before the contractor comes. Also, try to find out the species and the size of the tree by hiring an independent arborist. This can save you some money as the contractor won’t have to hire their own arborist.

Try to remove any obstacles such as fences around the tree, it will make the job easier for the contractors. Also, if the tree removal is not urgent try to wait till the correct season when the removal rates are lower to get it done.

If your tree species is a desirable one and is in a good condition, you can also try to sell its timber for different purposes, this can significantly lower your net cost of removal.

How To Negotiate Tree Removal?

You should get multiple quotes from different contractors. This can give you some negotiating power as well as give you a range of different rates for the same job.

Knowing about the species and characteristics of the tree can also give you some negotiating power. For example, if you know that Palm trees are easier to remove, you can tell whether someone is overcharging you for it or not.

I have a whole post on how to negotiate prices here.

What Is The Cheapest Time Of Year For Tree Removal?

Most tree removal services consider the period between November to March as the ideal season for tree removal. Most deciduous trees shed their leaves during this time which makes the branches lighter and creates less mess while cutting down the tree.

Can You Get The Tree Cut Into Firewood?

Yes, you can! But this will add some extra costs to the removal process. This will also depend on the condition of the wood and its size. It can cost you about $100 extra for a medium-sized tree.

Free Tree Removal For Seniors

There have been a lot of programs introduced all across the US which let low-income senior citizens remove trees from their property without any cost.

The El Dorado County and Cal Fire introduced the tree removal programs back in 2017 which allows senior citizens whose annual income is below 60% of the area’s median income to be able to claim free tree removal. The only caveat is that the citizens should own the property or land from which they want the tree to be removed.

Just like this, there have been a lot of programs started all over the country. You should check whether your county offers similar options.
I have a more detailed article about free tree removal for seniors here.


You can expect the tree removal cost to vary depending on the size of the tree, its thickness, the species, and the condition of the tree. The price can range anywhere from $200 to $2000. Removing smaller trees costs anywhere from $250 to $500 and for larger trees, between $300-$2000. Services such as stump removal can cost extra.

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