Can Seasoned Firewood Get Wet?

It is very important for anyone to use only properly seasoned firewood while building a fire. But even after you have acquired the correct firewood, there is a chance that it might get wet for a number of reasons. Let’s take a look at what should you do in case your firewood comes in contact with rain.

Firewood takes a long time to properly season. Already seasoned firewood can dry up within a couple of days to a couple of weeks if it has come in contact with rain. But prolonged exposure to moisture can damage the firewood for a longer time. The firewood can also rot if left in rain or moisture for a long time.

sesoned firewood in contact with water

What Is Seasoned Firewood?

It is very important to understand what seasoned firewood actually is. A lot of people get confused with the terminology.

Seasoned firewood is wood that has gone through a lengthy drying process to reduce its moisture as much as possible. This is done so that the fire can be easier to start, produce more heat, and last for a longer time.

Freshly cut wood can have a lot of moisture within them and are not ideal for being used as firewood. It can take up to 2-3 years for some species of wood to get properly seasoned.

Will The Firewood Be Okay If It Gets Wet?

It is recommended that you keep your firewood in a well-ventilated dry area to prolong its life. But sometimes the firewood might be left out in the rain or some water might fall on it. So, will the firewood be ruined?

The answer depends, if your firewood has already been properly seasoned then some light rain or small amounts of water on it shouldn’t be a problem. Especially if you take care and start re-drying them as soon as possible.

But if the firewood has been left out in the rain for a long time or if there has been constant contact with water, then it will take a much longer time for them to dry again. In extreme cases, it is also possible that the firewood might completely rot. But this will only happen if it has been in contact with moisture or water for a really long time.

You can also burn the seasoned firewood which has been rained on slightly but it will be harder to burn depending on the amount of water it became in contact with.

If your firewood was not properly seasoned in the first place, then it means that it still has some moisture content within it which might have increased once it came in contact with more moisture. It is recommended to properly season this firewood before using otherwise you will have a low-quality fire that will be much harder to light, maintain and create excessive amount of smoke.

How Long Does It Take For Seasoned Firewood To Dry After Rain?

You can expect your seasoned firewood to dry within a couple of days to up to a few weeks depending on the amount of moisture that has been absorbed by the wood. A good way to assess the damage is to cut through one of your logs and see how far down the water has been absorbed.

If there is only a couple of millimeters of moist wood, then your firewood will most probably dry within a couple of days. But if the moisture has been absorbed by a couple of inches then it will take a much longer time.

How To Dry Wet Seasoned Firewood?

The best way to dry wet seasoned firewood is through the seasoning process again. Make sure the room you arrange them in is properly ventilated and protected from moisture.

If the room gets natural direct sunlight, then the drying process will be much faster. You can also set up a dehumidifier and a fan in the room to keep the air dry and flowing.

Some people try to use a blow-dryer or a hairdryer, but this is not required at all.

Will You Have to Re-Season Firewood If It Comes in Contact With Moisture?

Small amounts of moisture contact with seasoned firewood will dry off within a couple of weeks to a month. You will not have to dry the firewood for prolonged periods as you would if you were seasoning the firewood.

But prolonged exposure to moisture can raise the moisture content within the wood by quite a lot, although it is rare that it will take as much time to dry off.


If your seasoned firewood has come in contact with a little water, then it can dry within a couple of days. Further exposure might take a few weeks to dry off. You can stack the firewood like you are seasoning them to get the most effective drying times.

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