Can You Store Firewood In The Garage?

Properly storing firewood is arguably the most important thing which you need to keep in mind. Storing them incorrectly can ruin the firewood or greatly wood’s heating value. A lot of people get confused about whether they should store their firewood in the garage or not. Let’s take a look.

Only store properly seasoned firewood in the garage. Due to higher moisture content, unseasoned firewood is much more likely to get infested with insects and mold which can easily spread to the rest of the house.

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Should You Season Firewood in The Garage?

Storing firewood indoors in large quantities is never a good idea.
You should not season firewood in the garage unless your garage receives plenty of airflows and there is good ventilation in the room. Usually, garages are covered from the outside elements which can prolong the drying time, encourage mold growth and rot the firewood altogether.

How To Store Wood In The Garage?

Even if it is not a good idea to keep the firewood in the garage for seasoning, you can still use the garage to store the wood for a short period of time. For example, before you start a fire with it, you can bring a rack or two from outside, to the garage.

The best way to keep firewood in the garage is by stacking them away from the walls and above the floor.

Make sure that the firewood you are choosing has already been seasoned and that it is not infested with pests, insects, or mold.
It is a good practice to keep the stack of firewood away from the walls and other wooden structures as this can give the pests an opportunity to spread to the rest of the house.

What Are The Advantages of Storing Firewood in The Garage?

There are a lot of advantages of storing seasoned firewood in the garage, the major one being that it will be protected from the outside elements like rain, snow, or frost. This can prolong their life for a very long time.

It will also be easier for your to access them during winter or during the rainy season.

Keep one thing in mind you should only store firewood when it has been properly seasoned and in small amounts.

What Are The Disadvantages of Storing Firewood in The Garage?

On the other hand, storing firewood in the garage also poses a lot of risks.

Firewood can be a source of pests, insects, or molds which can spread across your entire house.

Insects and mold love the damp, dark environment which most garages have and it gives them an opportunity to thrive and spread to other regions of the house.

Other Storage Ideas

Store Firewood on the Deck

If your deck is located in an area where the firewood can receive plenty of sunlight and ventilation, then it can be a good place to store firewood. The situation would be even better if the wooden platform is raised from the ground as this will protect the stack from any moisture contact from the ground.

Storage of Firewood During Winter

During winter, the chances of moisture contact are much higher due to snow or frost. It is important for you to store the firewood where it will be protected from outside elements. If you are storing them outside, cover the stack with a tarp, especially during the night.

More info on storing firewood during the winter

Storage of Firewood during the Summer

Firewood storage during the summertime is slightly easier. In this case, storing the firewood outside should be preferred, as outdoors the wood can get the most airflow. Better airflow helps to speed up the seasoning process.
However, the process should be thought through well, keeping in mind other upcoming seasons like the fall, winter and spring.


You can store small amounts of seasoned firewood in a stack away from the floor and the walls of the garage. Make sure there is some ventilation available in the room. Do not store unseasoned firewood as it can easily catch mold and insects and can spread to the rest of the house.

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