How To Store Firewood Indoors?

If you have no other option other than storing your firewood indoors, there are some very important factors that you need to keep in mind to ensure your firewood’s quality and longevity. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about storing firewood indoors.

While storing firewood indoors, always ensure that you are using properly seasoned firewood, preferably in smaller quantities. Keep the firewood stack away from walls and from the floor. Keep the room well ventilated by opening windows or doors if possible.

in house firewood storage

Use Seasoned Wood

Only store properly seasoned firewood if you are going to store the firewood indoors. Seasoned firewood has a much lower moisture content which will be much less prone to mold or insect infestation. Seasoned firewood is also much more likely to survive for a far greater time when compared to unseasoned firewood.

You should never store unseasoned firewood indoors, even not in the garage. The logs will not only attract insects and molds, but they can also spread to the rest of your house. Freshly cut unseasoned firewood has a much higher moisture concentration which is the perfect environment for insect growth.

Storage Instructions

If you are keeping your firewood in the garage or basement, make sure to stack them at least a couple of feet away from any walls or structures. In case there is an infestation on the firewood, this way it won’t spread to the rest of the house.

Make sure there is at least a 6-inch gap between the floor and the log pieces, termites and ants won’t be able to reach the stack of firewood because of lack of ground contact.

Store Firewood Next to the House?

The better option for storing firewood as opposed to storing it indoors is next to a house. This is especially necessary if the wood is still green or freshly cut. In other words unseasoned.

Even when storing firewood next to a house, there are some best practices and rules to follow. You can find more information about the storage of logs by a house in this post.

Once the wood is seasoned or dried, it is safer to store small amounts of wood indoors.

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Always store only seasoned firewood inside the house. Store the firewood in a stack away from any walls and from the floor to protect the house from pest infestation and to prevent moisture contact with the firewood. Make sure there is some form of ventilation in the room and if possible, some sunlight.

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